20 outubro, 2011

My little Big Brother...1975

Bonne Anniversaire Schounard! 
36 years time flies indeed...3 years ago i offer him this album with all my heart. My little Big Brother as accomplish a lot already in his Life. He knows what he wants and go for it! He's not only talented but disciplined, self centered, determined, courageous sensitive intuitive...Maybe a little overprotective towards me! Definitely is a winner and it feels good to have his energy around ! I wish i could be like him when i grow up....
I deeply admired him.
When we were little, the first thing Stephane used to do when arriving home was call after me, Tenda where are you? He followed me everywhere imitating me and...i was not very kind to him! I'm 6 years older! Even nowadays sometimes i still argue with him but i know that we deeply loved each other and that we are there for one another always and forever.

Je suis fière de t'avoir comme frère
Je t'aime
Parabens schounard

17 outubro, 2011

Where is my love?

I miss my husband! He's away for a week doing a raisin cure. Eating only raisin is a wonderful way to detoxinate your body every year but it take's nonetheless courage which Luis has plenty of. He's one of those special man with an enormous  heart. His friends know how reliable and generous he is. I know that my love is always present available caring tender protective towards me. I miss him... I want it back home...
It feels strange to be at home without him as usually i'm the one packing! His smell is everywhere, his strong presence, his love for me in the notes that i keep by my bedtable...

Tell your love how much you love him
the way he combs his hair
the way he smiles
his way of dancing
his favorite food
what make him laugh

Have a good week

14 outubro, 2011

Create your notebook

I have once in a while to rearrange my own filofax, keeping some scrap papers thowing others. Well not exactling throwing keeping them aside in my overfilled studios as a friend was telling me last night! How can you work with so much stuff around? That's my point everything really depends on your vision of your world as i feel that i don't have much material comparing to my heart friends in the US and of course it applies for everything in Life. Some will see the bright side others the dark side no matter what they have. My studio feels comforting, reassuring, cosy but for her as she suffers from asthma it's to much papers, tissues, hair cat...as for me i crave for more!
Creating my handmade journal is always something very relaxing and a way of knowing what i have been doing last year. As i rewrite in new papers what were my goals, my sales, what i create, what courses i had etc... and what i would like for the year to come it's a way of remaining self centered and connected. I am doing again the "artist's way" exercices by Julia Cameron as doing the Katie Kendrick online workshop was great  but being so much out of my comfort zone my censor hit me hard! You are not capable of drawing, who are you kidding bla bla... positive thoughts as you can see so urgent measures needed to be taken! I am writing everyday her three pages as she tells us, not negociable! With my censor nagging me what's the point of this pages? bla bla.. So i come back for a while into my world which is good as i'm taking some balance to continue Katie's course that i absolutely love.
In the meantime holidays are over so let's get back to work, flying to Sao Paulo not a city that i like very much being overly crowded but there's a flea market that i want to go...so i'm excited. Will give you tips if it's worthwhile.
 Thinking a lot of my beloved and my mom who are in beautiful sunny Toulouse doing a raisin cure for a week. Wow! Check on the net for more information if that fancy you cure-detoxination.fr
Have a good week end
Make love

08 outubro, 2011

Life is good...

It's 7h30 in the morning and i'm already wake up...thanks to my special teacher katie Kendrick! I'm completely addict to her faces having a notebook with me all the time and practicing practicing... She's a wonderful creative inspiring teacher giving us a tons of tecnhiques with an open heart that i don't get to see often. I was out of my comfort zone and still am but it's like she granted us with a green light...go girls unleash your creativity. I would love to add to my albums painting as well. I'm really into the mixed media gathering in one piece all sorts of techniques and materials. Above for example I sewed into an old paper a coco leave that i brought from Brazil... This album is on progress...let's see what comes out of it. I am always wondering when looking at old pictures where they happy? This woman, did she loved the man she married? Was he caring devoted to her?What were her dreams? Her vision of the world? Was she an open minded? Did she give enough? I don't know for you but i have always mixed feelings not to say guilty when spending time doing something that i love the most. It must be among other things for the fact that i don't have kids as God didn't granted me that part so there's always this nagging feeling...am I being selfish?My beloved husband goes every saturday visit a young man who is in prison, bringing him newspapers, self help books and a positive attitude towards life. Luis knows how to connect, interact and touched others heart. That's a blessing!
Have a good week end

06 outubro, 2011


Had I arrived 15 days earlier and I would have probably seen...George at la nostra de Venezia! Instead I get to see beautiful Italians who possess an unique and astounding charm. The italian men show you by whistling, singing, saying out loud how "belissima" you are and...it feels good! My advice is that  any woman after a rough experience with men  should go to Venice because her self esteem rises up pretty fast. One feels awesome and gorgeous in this magic city. Beauty is everywhere.
The only but...that cannot be neglected is the excessive price of everything! Feel free to share the taxi boat  on your way to Venice with other tourists like we did or when sightseeing in the grand canal for example. Be aware that most of the mask are made in china and the shop owner is chinese!
My husband Luis fulfilled one of my mom's secret dream that was staying at the Danieli. She was like a kid, savouring each moment of this timeless luxury hotel. The breakfast with a top view over the grand canal is incredible and we did feel in heaven! The palazzo was built back in the XIV century and belong to several venetians family like the Dandolo or  the Gritti and they all highly preserve it splendor. Dal Niel bought it in 1822 and transform it in the hotel known since then by his nickname DANIELI as he was known in Venice. The most romantic room being number 10 where Alfred de Musset et Georges Sand lived their love story back in 1833.

Hope you enjoy the photos
I enjoy taking them
Have a good week end