18 abril, 2012

Happy Birthday Maman

My mom is truly a rare and unique soul. 
My mom is on the giving
My mom is connected with her heart
My mom is always present and available for those who need help
My mom is wisdom
My mom is compassion
My mom is authenticity
My mom is generosity
My mom is happiness
My mom is joy
My mom is energy
My mom is intuition
My mom is beauty
My mom is an old soul
My mom is my best friend
My mom is the backbone of my life

 I want to tell her that she's done a great "mom job" no matter her doubts...
je t aime maman

08 abril, 2012

Open your heart

Enjoy your day
Open your heart
Make a wish...
I want my inner child to remember that I am always with her, that she can rely on me. 
I will protect her
I will cherish her
and most of all...
I will listen even if she whispering
What is yours telling you?