21 dezembro, 2011

Enjoy your Christmas...

I love Chrismas! This year though, with all the buzz of the open markets i didn't have time to make my usual christmas decoration which usually goes on for several days... but it's ok  as i have learned in 2011 to just let go, not an easy target but one that in the end will bring you peace of mind!  
The most important thing that i have learned this past year is to FEEL BLESSED, truly blessed!
I realize how lucky i am to be alive, to be in good health, to have a bed where i can sleep and a warm home, to have food in my fridge, to have a job, to have heart friends, to be able to create, to have a studio  full of vintage stuff.....and most of all TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. I don't take anything for granted, I cherish my family and my friends and hope that I give enough. My endless questioning about who I am, what is my mission will never cease i guess but now i wake up everyday with a sense of gratitude towards LIFE. I'm ageing and...it feels good! I would loved have those insights in my twenties...didn't we all? I hope I can age as well as my mom or my husband who don't care about their wrinkles but are concerned about the giving. 
I wish you a Merry Chrismas full of joy, laughter and good homemade food! 

06 dezembro, 2011

Obrigado... Merci...Thank you

 My stock is becoming thinner! THANK YOU for your trust, confidence and...good taste! Just arrived yesterday from Bangkok pretty exausted as always and was talking with one of my colleagues who ask me if i had bought gifts for christmas in the "mecque" of shopping! Well no i replied because i create what i offer so they are heart gifts! I sense that my clients recognize that, my art being one very emotional and personal which maybe explains the major success we're having despite the crisis here in Portugal.

Have a nice week
Remember to laugh, dance, smile, hug