24 junho, 2009

thank you merci obrigado...

I had lunch today with a very dear friend that I haven't seen for 19 years! 
It's a lifetime and yet it's yesterday all the memories came flowing...I was so in awe of her beauty(then and now) her grace, her wisdom...she knew so much we were 15 when I first met her; my parents had just divorced, my mom and my little brother had gone to Paris and I stayed with my dad...who just withdraw from the world at a time when I badly needed answers...We were 2 desperate souls feeling abandoned...the house was so empty .So there was my friend always happy, so equilibrate. 
I remember most of the boys were in love with her
I remember that she had broke a leg and all of her friends came by her house and stayed overnight with endless conversations....
I remember she was the one organizing a farewell party for me
I remember ...
What will I remember in 19 years? 
I know I'm truly blessed. God has given me many treasures and
 I know how TRUE friendship is priceless.
To my old and recent friends  THANK YOU MERCI OBRIGADO

18 junho, 2009

Homework in Paris airports!

Always trying to figure out new solutions to have my hands busy! Nowadays it's becoming very complicated  to travel...no heels no belts no liquids no food....yup!!!! So the bright side is, let's come up with a new solution and there's what I found to carry with me when I'm away...and I love it.Now I want to learn embroidery ...The interesting part is always to look up don't let myself down which doesn't mean I don't cry...(ask my husband!!!) but keep on going. As I'm approaching 40 I am happy of what I am. Life hasn't been easy I have (as we all do) my share of dramas but being able to smile and enjoying life without becoming bitter is what I'm proud of. Be Happy...Enjoy Create

17 junho, 2009

Love is the answer

How very true...and I would add radical forgiveness. Since I 've read this extraordinary book(from Colin Tipping) I must say that my view towards the world and most of all people has completely changed.
As he so well explains in his book, all the dramas that we have in our life are a call for us to grow, evolve and most of all heal our deepest wonds.
I've been doing the series of exercises that he instruct us to and there are some subtils indication that I'm on the right track...Love is the answer no matter how difficult it can't be sometimes with people who confront us.
I've been in a turnmoil for the last 15 days no much time around my studio...

14 junho, 2009

AF 447

 I was just arriving from Toquio exausted as always when my mother told me the news crying over the phone.I couldn't believe, didn't want to believe that it was true. Not with us, we are a major company, one of the best in the world we travel safe. What happened?
I immediately phone to my dearest friends, I was so disorientated. It's such a tragedy. 
The weeks have passed now but not the sorrow. We are all at loss. I returned fly again, feeling for the first time im my life very anxious about it. Among crew we do speak a lot about it and it's a good thing not keeping our fears, our doubts for ourselves. Beeing more caring, more supportive with one another and knowing that it could have been us.
Ma Ananda Moyi, the mother has always been there in difficult times.
Thank you all my friends for your concern. It's good to be loved