28 setembro, 2011

Thank you

I am really excited about Katie Kendrick online class. She's so inspiring and talented. It's like i have been waiting all these years the green light...and off i go. I have been in my studio with my hands full of paint and watercolors crayons feeling alive. I don't know where i'm going but i definitely sense that a new and exciting path is ahead.
i like to doubt
i like to try
i like to question
i like to explore
i like...myself each day a little bit more
Make something bold this week

24 setembro, 2011

Being impatient...

I am very far from home and longing to come back. Last night i watch all over again Katie Kendrick awesome videos about collage and painting and i'm rather impatient to be in my studio. I love her way of teaching and sharing. I have to overcome the nagging fear of not being capable then, last night i was surfing and come accross Lynn Whipple blog. I knew her work already but haven't seen her tutorials videos nor her 100 bad paintings as she call them. There's the 8 steps video which is not only fun but inspiring where she acurately describes the process of creating with all our doubts, fears, wanting to gave up blabla but in the end we just have to keep on trying because creating is what makes us feeling whole.
We practice and practice and sometimes it seems that everything flows and then again we feel stuck. It's really an ongoing process, to know that it happens with all of us who have this need to create feels reassuring and comforting.
I think she called it step 4 where she highly advise us to show our art to someone we trust, who will not turns us down again my fan number one being my beloved husband and i know that he is always there for me to listen, to encourage, to motivate, to lighten up, to laugh... I miss him deeply, hopefully as we say in portuguese "Se Deus quiser"(if God allows it) tomorrow i'll be next to him.
Have a good sunday

19 setembro, 2011

On struggling

Hope you had a nice week end? Mine was unsettling...I am doing Katie's Kendrick online class on mixed media which is absolutely great but very unfamiliar for me. One of her students share on our yahoo group that she feels scared to just let go which was odd because it was just plain paper. I do feel exactly the same way it's only watercolour paper not that expensive and that's part of the deal we have to make mistakes! I have this crazy idea that painting is not for everyone so of course I struggle but I do enjoy the journey. My faces look like an alien not friendly at all so i will not post them for now. I keep remember one of my dearest friend who is now more than eighties who started painting when she retired at the age of 65 who wanted to give up at every single class she attend but she didn't and I kept reminding her advice, step after step you will make progresses. I am definitely out of my comfort zone but it feels good because it means that i'm learning and challenging myself despite the fear of not making it, not being able too bla bla...the usual "saboteur" as my mom calls it.
Our worst enemy being our "dearest mental" who is nagging us all the time we have to be aware!
My husband is my GPS kindly bringing me to the right path again over and over knowing that i will doubt but never losing his patience. 
I feel blessed to have him by my side
Do something different this week...and tell me about it

12 setembro, 2011

A new journey

I am over excited as i join Katie Kendricks online class. Starting tomorrow can't wait! That's the good thing with the net today, distance disappears and we are all able to connect with one another. I know i will meet wonderful and creative fellows who are eager to learn and share. I do feel a little isolated back here in Lisbon as the mixed media world as yet to flourish...so meeting art sisters truly makes me happy. I feel integrated and connected and that's a priceless feeling.
Have a good week

04 setembro, 2011

On self esteem

 The school is about to begin...time to go back to my studio again. I had a whole and full summer with plenty of emotions(not all positive...) but that's part of the bargain. We know there's a path but are we on the good one? When we feel whole i guess it means something is working for us. I could say that my inner voice tells me to withdraw, to settle a little, to look inside myself and start working again on my self esteem.
 What about you? In a scale one to one hundred where do you place your self esteem? When i m working and starting new projects i feel always very enthusiastic then i doubt...am i repeating myself?
What do i want to say? How can i be more creative? bla bla...  on and on which is very confusing for those around me who look at my art  and really appreciate it. But then again are they just being nice? So the solution always comes from within because somewhere in the road i got lost again and i don't like being that confused. I had my studio reorganized, cleaned, throw away plenty of unwanted stuff so now it's time to just seat, breathe and look within. I am working on my site which comes out to be stressful but also highly productive as i am visualizing all of my work along the years. Realizing the progresses, what i want to improve, the workshops i want to attend, the art i want to create, what i love to do ...
I should imitate my cat Frimousse and surrender to LIFE once and for all...
In between if you any advice i appreciate any tips you may give me
Have a nice week