29 abril, 2009

Mamie...oh Mamie blue

The first title that pop out was "missing you" so while drinking my coffee(just wake up...I love the jet lag!) I just realize how lately I'm in the mood of the past, when everything seemed possible. I believe it's still is I tend to be a fighter "never give up" but as my 40 arrives I'm questioning a lot about what I've achieved so far. I met this beautiful and fun girl back in Port Towsend Amy who just quit her job after Artfest and decided to be an artist...Wow! Chapeau as we say in french. I was much impressed as I've been flying for 18 years now and my wildest dream would be precisely that, to have the guts to work at 50% (have only the best part of flying) and create CREATE  CREATE...  and if God allows it, conceive my daughter Sasha or boy Andrea. I told you it was wild! As one is so used to struggle a day after another the urge to just let go becomes overwhelming. I 'm still on the edge of the cliff...still trying but with less and less strengh.The best thing that could happen is "lâcher-prise" LET GO.
Mamie would tell me just that" be able to believe that God never let us down that the best is still to come  don't loose your FAITH"  so simple and yet very difficult to integrate.

28 abril, 2009

Beautiful Nest

Look what my husband found this week-end in the woods...it's the most beautiful and touching gift I received in ages. I have this thing about nest surely in a psychological nevel there's a meaning...not very difficult to guess as I long to be a mother
Decided to put them aside 2 little sculptures I've made and are very found of. Voilà!!!
I am rereading "one more step can change your life, the kaizen way" from Robert Maurer. This small book as truly changed my husband's life there's a before and after! Each step at a time one is evolving and the path seems easier. Love it

Ok back to work in my studio, there's one nest left and I've got a project where he will be perfect.
Enjoy create... share be Happy

26 abril, 2009

Missing my studio

My mother gave me this wise advice, why don't you write in a notepad every day before sleeping all the blessings of the day? So I did.
I'am truly blessed for beeing alive,in good health, to fly to Miami with this wonderful crew, to have wi fi and my Mac in my bedroom so I can stay in touch with my world, thanks to Somerset who send me my favourites magazines to the hotel, thanks.... thanks
I tend to forget but my mom always put me in the right track which is another blessing! Tend to be worried will I have time to create and stay with family and friends and........everything has a purpose my goal is really to let go...Let the universe, God or whatever you want to call it do his job and trying not to control(more accurate to say the illusion of controling)
Tomorrow I'll be back in my studio where I feel so protected and therefore HAPPY

Enjoy...create share

Life is not a destination but a journey...

How appropriate it seems...it's 8pm in Miami and 1 am in Lisbon...I don t know for how long I don't sleep lost track of it feeling a bit lost... Last week a lady from an health center told me rather indignate "how come you ve got 2 passport one french and another portuguese? that's not normal you should have one! Well that's not an option for me as my mother is french and my father is portuguese. I was born in Lisbon and went to a french school all my life and am used for a long time now to read in english and I do enjoy it (big fan of Barnes and Nobles)
My first draft will always be in french and I do work in a french company but on the other hand as I live in Lisbon I was told to write my blog in portuguese which maked sense at the time but why not choosing english so everyone will understand? and most of it I'll be happy...I am feeling a little confused at the moment, trying to figure out the blog, how and when to post, how to take good pictures, how to insert flickr? and there s facebook now..........@£€‰!!!!!!!! Time it seems is always running away from me how create, work, sharing with friends and family?How conciliate everything without hurting anyones feelings and not beeing self centered?  Always new goals which is good but there s this very good friend who happens to be an astrologist who told I was too rational had to let go " go with the flow" that was something that deeply annoyed me as I saw myself as an intuitive person  but something within me was touched so..working on it thoughts become true right?
Life is not a destination but a journey how very true but how complicated to achieve

So after my errands thoughts let me write about my mother's cigar box. She absolutely loved it (no Jo she didn't cry...but was deeply moved)
What to offer when one has everything? I took Nina Bagley's class in Artfest and thought it would make a perfect gift for my beautiful and so much loved mom
A treasure box with little reminders of her world; a tiny bottle with curry inside, shells from Portugal she so much loves, a mini album with all her world from parents to friends ...another   with her beloved cats,  a receipt with my grandmother handwriting and so on....

Ok now I'm in Miami let's check out outside if there Horatio from CSI hanging out...watch out here I come!!!

15 abril, 2009


Nina s Class....she is such a beautiful artist inside in and out. I simply love her work, her style, her humor and her authenticity. i am blessed we all are to attend her classes and gosh she is so fun.........
and Misty Mawn...also so delicate, seems so fragile and yet so strong.I love her work too, such a talent I am a big fan, her portraits always touch me in a deepest way. Her class was very, very challenging for me but I definetely enjoyed it and will have more in the future

It s time to say goodbye to ARTFEST 2009 , difficult as normal life has already catch me up but I just have to close my eyes and there I am again in the morning waiting for breakfast lingering buy the beach admiring the amazing vue sharing with Amanda(up at 6am as me) our dreams our goals and then the excitement before the class, seeing again Nina and her extraordinary charisma that reminds me so much of my own mom and then sharing again with my roommates Michelle, Nikki and Cherryl sipping that good wine and those margaritas giggling having FUN...........AND THEN............ok there will be more next year if God allows it.
In the meantime, enjoy create.......HAVE FUN

08 abril, 2009


I am truly blessed to have been part of Artfest girls.It was a fantastic experience!
My roommates are the best one can have; Michelle your margaritas are awesome bring more next year! I will bring some french and portuguese wine... Nikki "ravey-ioli" I loved your beautiful story of your grandpa, what an example. Cherryl "cheese chips" thank you so much for the lovely banners, we had fun in Nina´s class and give me your address so I can mail you vintage french papers...It was so cool sharing the bedroom with you
Girls I wasn´t the only one speaking while sleeping!!! didn´t figure out who it was...
Thank you Jo, you were my guardian angel! you gave me such inspiring ideas...unmounting a clock! that´s great. we will meet hopefully in september in Paris.
Amanda you are a beautiful person inside in and out, your bracelet and your flowers were great(yes....they are)My husband just bought me a GPS I immediately thought of you!!! Adeola you are fun and never had the chance to thank you for having wait for me at the airport.Whenever I ll go to Lagos I ll think of you
Journaling: Adeola, Michelle the runner, Jessica, Stephanie, Amanda seated next to me, Michelle roommate at the back
Room 33...gathering in the evening
Beautiful Amy, my egg nest sister I m so glad I meet you! You are fun and authentic and ....so much more and Stephanie(what did you eat at breakfast to look so young and full of energy?) your life experience gave me such hope, thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us. Jill I love your jokes and your work(I ll send some vintage stuff)
Nina´ class we had fun there to............
Seattle airport.........grr time to leave
I felt like I could have stay in Artfest forever......(I would have had to bring my husband though...) I was and will always be a big fan of America, and know to have known you all
girls... I confirme that I was truly blessed to be among you, to laugh, share, drink, create and laugh some more.............
You are true artist, God bless you all


Finally, I arrive home exausted but so fulfilled...It was such an amazing incredible experience! I will come next year, that´s for sure. I simply love it from the registration, Teesha and Tracy wonderful organization, everything so well prepared, explained, it just flows...
This is dorm 202...the place to be

Thank you Teesha and Tracy you guys are simply wonderful...you provide us the very best