26 fevereiro, 2012

On tolerance...

 Where do you come from? A simple and direct question...I come from Portugal by my father and France by my mother.I am proud of either country which i guess is certainly your case too? I witnessed a friend who is from Algeria hide it because she didn't want to create bad vibes in a dinner! They were americans, brazilians, french citizens ... all drinking caipirinhas savouring the moment. How come being a muslim is something that you have to silence? I felt in my heart all the pain, sadness, anger she carries within her, trapped and locked crying for release.

 The drawings above represent a step towards tolerance because they are inexperienced sketches. I prefer to post what i consider being my "good" work but it's a kind of tribute to this friend, aventuring myself out of my comfort zone which are altered books. Don't be afraid of others judgements or rejection they will always exist but be proud of who you are no matter what.
Have a good week
I will continue practicing over and over...

10 fevereiro, 2012

On friendship

I had this wonderful lunch with two inspired friends... It seems that i know them for ages which is certainly the case if you believe in multiple lives as I do. We were eager to know more about each others creativity and world. Just happy to be together a sheer moment of pleasure... Friendship is rare to find and when it ends it tears you apart like a love relationship, sometimes even more. I had my share of disappointments and disillutions as we all have and it hurts like hell! Sometimes, i even put my pride aside and give it another shot but it's useless something broken will remain broken!My mom tells me that a friendship that ends was never one in the first place, how wise.
I do hope that my heart friends will stay forever in my life.
Have a good week end
Heading to snowy Paris then New york. Youpiiii Barnes and Noble here i come...

06 fevereiro, 2012

Work in progress...

My cat Frimousse or "mousse a pala" as a close friend calls him seems to like my new albums!
The covers are most of the times what inspires me first then i add the inside pages.

The typing letters above "AMO" mean  I LOVE in portuguese.
I struggle every day with my need of independency and my need of being in couple. I find it hard sometimes to be there...present and available. I find it hard to deal with his problems mine others...
My life as certainly yours is composed of beautiful sunshine days and of heavy storms...not to say wild tornados! How to cope with it? Drink a caipirinha...fly away...meditate? For now i will choose meditation it's safer!
Have a good week
PS: I'm reading a very intimate book from Daniel Meurois Givaudan (check out his website www.meurois-givaudan.com) called "le testament des trois Marie ". The legend said that Marie Salomé, Marie- Jacobée and Marie- Madalena were Jesus closest disciples. Many years has passed since the exil, they met again in Camargue at "Saintes-Marie-de-la-mer and open up their hearts for us and relate those unique moments spent with Jesus. I read most of Meurois Givaudan books over the years, was fortunate enough to meet him in a  flight between Paris and Geneva to confirm that indeed he possess a special light.
Hope you like it

05 fevereiro, 2012

Heart spoons...

A good way of giving new life to old spoons!  
Add any photos of the ones you love along with their nicknames some resin...and voilà! One of my christmas gifts for mom who certainly like yours got everything!!!
Have a good week end
Remember to dance laugh share hug kiss...

01 fevereiro, 2012

You and I deserve the very best...

Yesterday, was cleaning day in the studio which is a good way of rediscover all the material i left apart but mostly it clears my head. New ideas, new projects a "nouvel élan" in the beginning of the year comes up. I was rearranging some old photos and surprise myself thinking " I was cute in my twenties and thirties" How come i didn't realize that at the time!
I felt too fat too short too....not intelligent not clever enough bla bla bla....Is it something that we have to experienced? All of us? because I see it in a daily basis, beautiful and clever young women disliking themselves, hating either their nose their chin whatever crosses their mind! My point is that with aging we all have our griefs and wounds but could we have avoided some rough experiences, had we loved ourselves? I deeply believe that in the years to come a new awareness on the importance of the mind will prevail. I read this amazing book by Lynne Mc Taggart called The Field" she has been researching medicine and its shortcomings, quantum physics and what it means for you and the world we live in(quote from his website www.lynnemctaggart.com/) Read it and tell me about it!
So in the end LOVE is what matters the most and now scientists can prove it, for those who still have doubts!
Can you look yourself in a mirror for at least 5 mn without self depreciation? 
Have a good week