25 dezembro, 2010

Joyeux Noel

Wish you all a very good christmas
Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments
Meet you in 2011
Peace Love Happiness

21 dezembro, 2010

Yes I can

Love my new spoons...there are more in my studio but the weather was cloudy this morning and i had to rush to take my flight...who is more than 3 hours delayed but still i will manage to arrive in Paris tonight 
Tomorrow heading to one of the few towns where i would love to live for a year...you name it New York but then Shanghai appeals to me and Rio de Janeiro as well. Different energy different people but i love to mingled and wouldn't mind settle for a while and discover the "real"town not the tourist one.
If i had to pick one then it would be Port Towsend. There's the amazing mountains views, the beaches, the art galleries, the fabulous mixed-media workshops, Artfest, Artifiberfest, the fisherman's all this in a small wonderful little town. No crowded plenty of fresh air
2010 is ending
2011 new resolutions


2011 wishes

Be inspired
Visit Rome
Learn how to take good pictures
Take a lot of sunbath
Dance tango with my man in Buenos Aires
Create(am i repeating myself...)
Learn some chinese
Improve my spanish
Learn new receipes from my mom
Improve my sewing
Eat plenty of tiramisu
Ok make a light diet...
Eat plenty of chocolate cake
Meditate in Macchu Picchu 
Going to my favorite beach Guincho
Have fun with my friends
Improve some relationships
Trust each day a little more
Have some caipirinhas
Listen to good music
Read a lot
 Open myself to the unknown

15 dezembro, 2010

Live and let die

Last year I had installed my studio in this amazing shop Fabrico Infinito and create throughout the day...most of the time having endless conservations with the owner Marcela Brunken i must admit! We had fun...She is a big fan of my work, was and still is  among the ones to continuously promote my art.
Yesterday at a fancy dinner a friend was surprised that i present myself as Alex Castro Ferreira my single name and not with my married name and as an artist. Labels are hard to remove! But it make me wonder of the importance on male tradition which is still very implanted on our portuguese society( not to say around the world) and on how people see us.
I am a flight attendant .......and also an artist.
I am a woman of passion who is eager to learn evolve grow accepting the ups and downs of Life
Live and let die...famous quote of my husband.
Enjoy your day 

13 dezembro, 2010

On trust

I was just telling a friend that whatever i tell to others is always "the mirror effect" that means it can applied to me. This week-end was a huge step for me as I let my husband run the fair and just popped in around 2pm, letting  him decorate and sell my craft  in his own way. I am proud of me because trying to control everything means that i fail to trust Life. 
I trust him and the results were awesome being Luis an excellent seller. I used to say he can sell machine guns to nuns if he's in the mood! Another step on my ongoing therapy process and one that will bring me utter happiness.
Have a good week
I feel good the jet lag stayed in Shanghai... 

11 dezembro, 2010

CRAFT AND DESIGN Christmas 2010

Perfect day no clouds spring temperature lovely time spent in jardim da Estrela along with my husband, mother and special friend Alex. Last week was another story with cold and rainy weather but still the public showed up, christmas is at the door! I must say that i am running out of spoons which is cool because i loved them and am happy that people find the idea amusing and fashionable.
I was blessed last saturday with the meeting of an old (we have known each other since kindergarden) and dear friend that i haven't seen for quite a while, can't remember why life as set us apart, probably just that... Life! Last time she was single and now she is married with two beautiful sons, i met only the youngest who looks so much like her. That's the kind of gift I receive with profound gratitude, can't wait to be with her again. We are born on the 4th of august in Lisbon in 1969 same hospital! How cool is that? We used to have the same bad temper...i do sense that now she being a mother she must be more patient! I still have a long road ahead... but we share the same openness and generosity among other things.
Have a good week-end

03 dezembro, 2010

Cadeaux de Noel

Tomorrow another market "Craft and design", the forecast is a cloudy but sunny day with temperatures around 13C which is ok considering the wave of low temperature in europe at the moment. I still have plenty of unfinished albums at my studio but running out of time to complete them so i will relax today as everything is ready to pack, must be my german side! I can say that the previous year was a determinant one for me despite my tiredness i manage to create a lot.
With insight 2010 was a determinant year for me:

I am proud of me
I love myself inside in an out
I am an artist
I  was able to create  
I have a place to create
I have plenty of new ideas
I am truly blessed
I love my life
I accept the up and downs
I engulfed into them
I love my albums
I love my spoons
I love notebooks
I love my necklaces
I love my art world
I love being alive
I love my nests
I love the circle of friendship around me
I love to give
I accept to receive
I am happy
I am blessed to be in good health
I love being who i am.....
I feel fortunate
I feel abundance
I feel enpowered
I am a woman in love
and now i can say

I LOVE MYSELF each day further and deeper
Gratitude for the constant gifts i receive
I am blessed
Have a good week end