28 julho, 2010

Love letter

The 4th of august I will be...forever young! My mom and husband are already trying to figure out how they can surprise me. As presents books will be my ever first choice, i'm never tired of books. There's nothing like the ritual of sitting in my favorite sofa with a huge cup of tea with milk, savouring and anticipating the emotions the book hopefully will bring. And when it does, one feels revigorate and joyful.  
 I remembered one of the best presents i received a couple of years ago and that i carry every day with me in my purse, it's an unconditional love letter from my mom. She had this weird dream that something was going to happen to her and she wanted very much to tell us how much she both loved us my little big brother and I. In the era of internet  mails and twitter, we rarely take the time to send love or friendship letters at all which in a way it's a pity. 
I reread my precious letter now and then with the same positive outburst of emotions and she is always present with me wherever i am in the world. 
                       BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

26 julho, 2010

So good to be on holiday...

After two days in the beach, I feel that my body and my soul are recovering pretty fast. There's nothing like a day in the sun to regain energy and I have still 15 days hourra!!! Rereading "light emerging" from Barbara Brennan and she tells us exactly that among other extraordinary things, how much the sun has a power and healing effect on us in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. 
Check at your nearest theatre "Inception" with Di Caprio and Marion Clotillard, is truly the best film i have seen in years. Dreams are the main subject of the film who evolves around the idea that though difficult if one can incept a thought associated with a strong positive feeling within our brain while we are dreaming then when we wake up our attitude, thoughts, behaviors have changed. We are a total different person. It's a powerful movie, one that keeps you wondering what if.....Love it! The essence of the movie is "we are what we think we are" the mind is the gatekeeper everything comes from your thoughts. 


22 julho, 2010


I'm on holiday! Youpiiii....kind of feel like the guy on the left...without energy but not that skinny fortunately! Arrived yesterday from Hong-Kong which is a city that i love though i'm never completely awake in Asia...despite the foot reflexology despite trying to sleep most of the day despite wandering at 3 am thoughout the ladies market which is our day back in Europe, feel free to give me any tips on "how to cop with  +8 hours and remain nice and fresh..."
I'm that lucky that my husband who is always trying to make my life easier, just found an excellent acunpunctor who is ok to have our session at my place. That's what i call " a good quality life". Heading to the supermarket my fridge is empty... and blessed the guy who invented "delivery at home" that's another big luxury to leave the trolley at the cashier and have everything at home the following day.
Kind of lazy these days... but it feels good to just relax living without schedules for a while...doing only what comes to our mind and enjoying every single minute of it.
xo have fun

11 julho, 2010

Love is the answer

It's 3pm back home and...10pm here in Singapour. I'm sleepless which is rather normal one could say. I happened to see "twilight" for the first time on my way to seattle  with the fabulous vampire love story about Edward and Isabella, and now again here in Asia. I admitted that i fall in love for the characters and the movie as did the rest of the world. It countain beauty danger passion mystery authenticity and inconditional love... When one has the chance of finding our soul mate life gains a purpose a sense of balance and rightness.
Though humans  seek for that "perfect love"most of the time either they run from it or don't agknowledge has being that "rare and precious" thing.The human mind is far too complicated but when is our time to depart LOVE will definitely be what's on our minds.
Did we love enough?
Did we love well?
Did we give enough love?
Did we receive the love we were expecting?
                                                  LOVE is the only answer Einstein

Have a good week...have fun xo i will try to sleep now

09 julho, 2010

I am proud to be an artist

Yesterday, friends suggested me to go the international craft fair with them. I was very enthusiastic to see what others artists come up with and with this nagging idea that maybe i could be part of the adventure for 2011.....Well let me tell you that I come back home feeling outraged by what i saw!
The first pavilion was indeed dedicated to portuguese crafters from special brands like olive oil, enbroidery, excellent and exquisite jewelry... I encountered friends from my craft and design fairs, met others artists...I was happy to see so many portuguese creativity flowing and have this sense of being "at home". 
Then there was the second pavilion...very crowded I must say with jewelry for 2 euros made in china, pashminas made in india...sculptures from africa .... This was not a craft world.
How can an organization supposedly serious allow such discrepancy? 
Crafters, artists cannot compete with fabric made by thousands in china? It was supposed and it's called international crafters fair.
It is without doubt international but there isn't any handmade or creativity there, as you find the same items worlwide. I was disapointed but not the least surprised by what i saw. 

So definitely i will not have my work there. I spoke with an artist friend who told me how much she wasunfuriated by what the fair organization had allowed without warning them. One learns everyday!
I do have experienced though that it is easy to be explore. I sense that artists have a difficulty at the beguining of being self confident self aware of the value of their work, about what they bring to the society.
What would be a world without dreamers?
What would be a world without free spirits?
What would be a world without creativity?

I'm in a ongoing process of knowing too who I am as an artist and.....
IT S FUN to recognize my own value what i worth my uniqueness in this world.
So yesterday was a very profitable journey indeed! 
Ones has to be patient has quality is always the winner in the end...


02 julho, 2010


It s almost 1pm and i ve been sleeping for the last 13 hours...And I'am not completely awake! What a body can take is always a surprise for me. Last week, I slept sunday and monday in Paris, tuesday in Delhi, wednesday i was working in the plane, thursday and friday in lisbon, saturday back to paris and sunday i will go to the whole food market in New york... no I don't think you'll want to know the week after ....
I may seems awesome when one has the same routine over and over. when each week resembles the one before but believe me it needs a lot of omega 3 to keep going!!!
I skip my flight to Montreal to have a Delhi instead. India either you love it or you hate it, there's no in between. I love it. From the wonderful food to the Sari of the women, from the beautiful landscape to the the taj mahal but specialy for the spirituality that lies everywhere.
It's the authentic India that i cherish not Bollywood  though i fancy watching their wonderland love movies.

India is the land of Ma Ananda Moyi "the Mother"
India is the land of Vivekananda
India is the land of Sai Baba
India is the land of Spirituality
I had in the past only unique moments and very transforming ones for that matter.
My stay in a ashram, in Mount Abu held by "the dodies" three extraordinary and holy women were a before and a after experience. I brought only love, friendship, enlightement, energy, awareness back with 
me. Small changes, for instance i do reuse the same cloths don't put them in the washing machine as i used to do before. I don't keep useless things at home i give them back. I don't accumulate as i used to...and my stay was short imagine a year in India...
India is a sacred land for me so I was very disappointed and surprised last night to be tricked by this man calling himself Mrs Happy who turned out to be unreliable, untrusty and unprofessional but my love for India will prevail no matter what.
I cherish with my mom this idea of going to Dharamsala, where his Holiness the Dalai Lama lives, staying in Rishiquesh the land of Holy man. As you see traveling is in my bones so though i'm tired i will go on...and on. Coming back to my nest and off again...gaining more and more tolerance as i get to meet others cultures. Just finished a profound superbly book by Yasmina Khadra, an algerian author about an arab doctor, naturalized Israelite who lives in Tel aviv with his wife also palestinian, and who seemed to be perfectly integrated only to discover that after a kamikaze attack it's the doctor's wife the kamikaze. It's then a description of this man who saves lifes how can he have not realize what his wife was about to do, his despair at failing to understand what takes a woman to commit such a brutal and irreversible act, how could he live, love, cherish a woman who happened to be in the end a murderer. It's an awakening book not to be missed. 
Now i'm heading to the beach with my beloved....gaining energy flirting and dancing with the sun

Have a good week end...xo