04 janeiro, 2010


Happy New Year Bom Ano Bonne année..... 2010 
My goal is definitely this year to have an uncomplicated life... so it started by making two suitcases one for winter one for summer.....and leaving them in Paris. Wow! no more stress when coming to Lisbon, i travel light now... another goal is to start gym again. I know you are already thinking, give her 2 months and she'll drop it! Test me not! Whenever i start moving and jogging i am always surprised at the pleasure it gives me so why stop? Why are humans beings so complicated? What keep us from taking good care of our health? our emotional needs? Why do we keep doing things that we don't want? 
So now that i'm a grown up girl of 40...hehehe i want  for 2010
to keep loving my husband and be loved
be more present and available for family and friends
create a lot......have new ideas......learn new techniques
Have fun
Be happy
go to Recife...and enjoy the sea, the sun 
go to Artfest and be again with Amanda, Adeola, Tamy...
go to India 
go to Peru with Luis and meet a shaman
stay at home in my studio with my cat Frimousse 
Get plenty of room services while watching Dr house and CSI
go to Barnes and Nobles and delight myself with sheer pleasure at all the books i'm going to read
discover new musics.....and dance alone dance with Luis dance with friends
eat my mom's delicious meals
share and enjoy the sunset by the beach with a caipirinha(or an orange juice depends if i'm on a diet...)
anticipating the mail man who brings me Somerset studio
have friends coming over
sleep a lot 
get plenty of massages
laugh for a good reason and laugh without reason
here i'm again doing my list.....old habits die hard but the heck with it it's fun