14 junho, 2009

AF 447

 I was just arriving from Toquio exausted as always when my mother told me the news crying over the phone.I couldn't believe, didn't want to believe that it was true. Not with us, we are a major company, one of the best in the world we travel safe. What happened?
I immediately phone to my dearest friends, I was so disorientated. It's such a tragedy. 
The weeks have passed now but not the sorrow. We are all at loss. I returned fly again, feeling for the first time im my life very anxious about it. Among crew we do speak a lot about it and it's a good thing not keeping our fears, our doubts for ourselves. Beeing more caring, more supportive with one another and knowing that it could have been us.
Ma Ananda Moyi, the mother has always been there in difficult times.
Thank you all my friends for your concern. It's good to be loved