24 junho, 2009

thank you merci obrigado...

I had lunch today with a very dear friend that I haven't seen for 19 years! 
It's a lifetime and yet it's yesterday all the memories came flowing...I was so in awe of her beauty(then and now) her grace, her wisdom...she knew so much we were 15 when I first met her; my parents had just divorced, my mom and my little brother had gone to Paris and I stayed with my dad...who just withdraw from the world at a time when I badly needed answers...We were 2 desperate souls feeling abandoned...the house was so empty .So there was my friend always happy, so equilibrate. 
I remember most of the boys were in love with her
I remember that she had broke a leg and all of her friends came by her house and stayed overnight with endless conversations....
I remember she was the one organizing a farewell party for me
I remember ...
What will I remember in 19 years? 
I know I'm truly blessed. God has given me many treasures and
 I know how TRUE friendship is priceless.
To my old and recent friends  THANK YOU MERCI OBRIGADO