12 novembro, 2010

Dream big

Dream Big...I cherish the idea to be able to dream not to surrender to the pessimism that currently lies everywhere. I know there is a major crisis, we all have relatives and friends touched by unemployment,  drastic cuts in salaries but to dream and to feel deep inside that the wheel will ultimately turn out for the best, that there is a solution, that we will find the way no matter how difficult it seems is what i choose to believe everyday.
Life is a struggle, we all have one moment or the other major issues to deal with, how we choose to face them is our own personal choice some will become bitter others will still smile to life an remain Happy. My last flight was an example, i flew with a stewardess in her thirties who from Paris till Delhi spit out all her rage, anger, deception and frustration...towards her employee, the world.....
Do i consider it to be rudeness?
 Are we punching balls?
 Are the world responsible for her problems?
 How come if good things happened to us we feel responsible?
 How come if bad things happened to us God or the world is responsible?
It was a very instructive flight as I kept thinking" hopefully I will never turn out that way" but there was no way I could escape from it either. I imagine when you have to work every day, year after year, with  toxic people the effect it has on your nerves and mood. 
Yesterday, light some candles, Al Stewart ...... dancing with my love 
It was a great evening!
Remember to dream big
Have a good wek-end
Heading to Hong-Kong