23 setembro, 2010

Find the balance

I have just made this album...and sold it right away which is ok but i like to have them a little with me.
My inspiration came back so let's take the ride while is flowing! I'm debating as always with my sense of time flying and not knowing how to manage day to day life. One of my favorite artists Sally Jean retires for 6 months in her studio warning her friends that she will be unreachable and it seems to work for her.
 It would be a complicated thing to accomplish for me as i sense that i need to be present and available all time! Feeling guilty and restarting biting my nails when not responding to their needs when all i want to do is hiding in my studio and create. Know the feeling...assertiveness is definitely awckard to me but is what life defies me to do  almost every day. How i love to be in my studio, time stands still, i feel creative, alive, whole. There's a inside struggle in my need for others and my urgent need to remain alone. Advises are most welcome....
 Have fun