06 junho, 2010

What is true today is untrue tomorrow and so on...at least for me don't know for you? Today i just skip the craft and design fair...not just like that! A lot went on my mind since three in the morning, out of sleep thanks to the jet lag, i had to wake up at seven which is rather complicated for me used to work mostly at nights but still i'm a very person "one must do what one has to do even if we don't feel like".
There is no obligation to attend the two days but i always had in the past, being there at eight to catch a good spot, under the trees, close to the little shop.... so this morning i decided i was to tired to go. Wow! It's 11am now feeling a little unconfortable, still with some doubts maybe i should have? but i'm happy and sense i've made a good decision. The mixed media, scrapbooking, altered books whatever was the way i choose to prevent me from falling into depression when the question of not conceiving become more and more accurate. So it was pleasure all the way, the workshops i attend in the states and in Paris were so much fun and valuable. I get to meet artfriends who were and are so talented. I was most welcomed and that means the world to me, i was finding a new road not the one i expected or wished but a very precious one. 
Pleasure, fun, exploring, that is what i want to keep in mind because one can be engulfed by the "Do and Don't" what will work best? what will sell best(grrr......)  


It's a struggle within me that i want to overcome.


So today was a major issue for me, not going to the fair because i didn't want it, was quite something. I'm improving!
 I've just started to read "hands of light" by Barbara Brennan where she explains us how does the energy field works and how we can use it in our daily lives. Another big little step...
Today i will be in my studio creating and having fun.
Just bought more spoons that i love to fill in with resin, a few ideas that i want to try on...