14 maio, 2010

I did it!

My inner child is HAPPY... A week ago I receive a mail from SIC(portuguese television) to know if i was ok to realize an album for Fátima Lopes "Vida Nova" for her birthday! I was so excited that i imediately say yes without thinking...i'm leo ascendant sagitarius.... so when i opened my timetable i discover that her birthday were in a week ahead and not in 15 as i  had guessed. To tell it was an enormous challenge is still far ahead from the true as i usually made my albums within 2 months in a calm  and relax way! 
So here i was confronted with the" task of doing a good job" for the most popular  portuguese talk show presentator. Her team are not only professionals but most of all kind and true people so in the end it turn out easier than it seemed.
As ideas were flowing came the worry "what should i dress" know the feeling girls!!! i've got absolutely nothing to wear total panic so here i go with a very sexy friend.......who choose for me ......a very sexy outfit......that my husband and mom hate from the start. Everyone was giving those wild ideas even my friend Franck told me to wear......my wedding dress so it was fun in between panic.
In the end ........ Fátima Lopes loved my present and she even cry with emotion. I mean what more does an artist want! She was deeply touched and made me a compliment that almost make me cry as well:" People do trust you, Alex, to confide their most precious treasures to you, you are blessed"
I've learned once again that we are more capable than what we think at first.
New doors have opened to me can't wait the next challenge!

Have fun....