31 agosto, 2009

Secret desire

I'm in Mexico city the weather is pretty bad.....i'm homesick! I want to go HOME. I want to ckeck the mail, other pages must have arrived by now, start working on Jessica's page dream theme.....CREATE and stay at Home with my beloved husband. How does it sound? A very good program but before, off I go to Sao Paulo which is another mega city, very crowded and polluted. If you start thinking about the people living here everyday, with the huge trafic the constant noise. How do they remain focused, balanced? it's almost impossible to be equilibrated when you look around? Where to escape? How they manage to live and still pursue their dreams it's a mistery, but that is also what's incredible with the human being is our capacities to adapt and adjust no matter the difficulties. Most of them left their villages in hope for a better life, do they regret it? They were in their village with Mother Nature around, knowing everyone from childhood with a deep sense of comunity and friendship but with little expectations for work so they had the courage and determination to leave to "the capital". What is the purpose in OUR LIFES? What are we here for? Does everyone have a mission? If yes what is mine for example? What is yours? 
 How do you recognize your goal in LIFE? What to fight for? and when do we need to let go? As i travelled around the world and fortunately meet all kind of different people we all share the secret desire OF LOVE and BEING LOVED. LOVE IS THE ANSWER and always will be.